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Law Student
Under Nigeria's legal complex made up of customary, religious and statutory law systems (at the Federal, State,and Local government levels), legal education begins right from the home.

It continues through various community, religious and formal education centers.

  At the formal education level, each of Nigeria's tertiary learning centers including all universities, polytechnics, colleges of education or advanced learning centers, generally ensure that their students are exposed to varying degrees, to Nigeria's justice administration complex.

Towards the meaningful integration of the normative energies coming from every corner and aspect of Nigeria, every State in Nigeria is also obligated to establish and maintain a law education, training and research circuit integrating both formal and informal platforms.

Two of those critical formal platforms are the undergraduate and postgraduate centers of law learning. Their importance is heightened by the democratic system in Nigeria which involves both the legislative, judicial and legislative arms. All of these arms need the support of law training and research centers to have any hope of operating in a relevant, progressive, measurable and  accountable manner that could provide a fair justice administration system for the residents and stakeholder of each geopolitical space under the rule of law, irrespective of social, religious, national or ethnic considerations.

This corner is dedicated to the students, professionals, resources, institutions, processes, and events that define Nigeria's formal law education system. It also focuses on how each state in Nigeria is trying or neglecting to live up to their obligation in establishing and maintaining law education institutions and processes. 

This is a platform focused on reconnecting formal law education in Nigeria to the actual needs and goals of the Nigerian society.




Abia State University


Adekunle Ajasin University


Afe Babalola University


Ahmadu Bello University


Ambrose Alli University


Babcock University


Bayero University


Benue State University


Delta State University


Ebonyi State University


Enugu State Univ. of Science and Tech.


Igbinedion University


Imo State University


Kogi State University


Lagos State University


Niger Delta University


Obafemi Awolowo University


Olabisi Onabanjo University


Rivers State Univ. of Sci. & Tech.


University of Abuja


University of Ado-Ekiti


University of Benin


University of Calabar


University of Ibadan


University of Ilorin


University of Jos


University of Lagos


University of Maiduguri


University of Nigeria


University of Uyo


Nigerian Law School


Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies


National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN

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