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ABAYOMI BABATUNDE VS PAN ATLANTIC AND TRANSPORT AGENCIES ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER – BRIEF WRITING:- Where the facts of a case and the law applicable to it are very straight forward, clear and unambiguous – Duty of Counsel not to confuse the facts and the law applicable in a given case or to waste the court’s time and energy by putting up strenuous arguments and submissions on issues that are quite irrelevant to a case – Attitude of court to failure thereto
ABDU V. THE STATE ETHICS – JUDGE: – Trial court judge – Whether it is essential that all persons who hold the high office of a High Court Judge and the like must always and constantly display learning, understanding and an appreciable level of awareness of their responsibilities in the performance of their duties and obligations – Attitude of appellate court to failure thereto
ABDULHAMID V. AKAR ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER: – Recourse to the inelegant procedure of Fundamental Rights (Enforcement Procedure) Rules, 1979 to initiate suits where writ of summons would be appropriate – Need for counsel to study the facts of the case well so as determine an originating procedure which will not lead to the loss of their client’s viable case on ground of jurisdiction
ABDULLAHI ISA V. THE QUEEN ETHICS – PROSECUTION: Failure to prove case due to inconsistent testimony from multiple prosecution witnesses
ABUAH IN RE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Professional Ethics – Person struck off the Roll of Legal Practitioners due to conviction for a criminal offence – Application for re-instatement of applicant’s name on the Roll of Legal Practitioners in Nigeria – Factors considered by court – Grant of free pardon to lawyer- Effect.
ABUAH V. LEGAL PRACTITIONERS COMMITTEE PROFESSIONAL ETHICS – Legal Practitioners Committee – Legal Practitioners Act Cap. 101 – Striking of the roll – Officer of Court – Whether Court has discretion to strike name off the roll – Grounds – Conviction for a criminal offence – Enquiry into conduct of Legal practitioner following conviction for criminal offence – Legal Practitioners Act Cap. 101, section 31.
ABUAH V. QUEEN ETHICS: Legal Practitioner – Forgery, uttering and obtaining by false pretences – When an act on behalf of a client by a lawyer is not bona fide –
ADDIS V. CROCKER AND OTHERS (CA) ETHICS –  PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY: Lawyers – Discipline – Disciplinary committee – Privilege against liability for defamation – Solicitors Act, 1957(5 AND 6 Eliz 2 c 27), s 46 – Solicitors (Disciplinary Proceedings) Rules, 1957 (SI 1957 No 2240), r 21.
ADEPEHIN V. THE QUEEN ETHICS – PROSECUTOR:- Failure of prosecution to appeal decision of a trial court – Attitude of appellate court thereto
ADEPOJU V. ADEPOJU ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Matrimonial proceedings – Divorce – Necessity that Counsel drawing up divorce petitions comply strictly with the Rules and follow as closely as possible the statutory forms laid down – Need for Counsel to ensure that the descriptions of the parties and the place where the marriage was celebrated and place of cohabitation agree with those given in the marriage certificate – Where there are discrepancies – Proper way to handle same
ADEYEMI V. ADEYEMI ETHICS – MEDICAL PRACTITIONER: – Doctor treating child of married woman – Propriety of carrying on sexual relations with woman – Attitude of court thereto
ADOKO  V. PAL ETHICS –LEGAL PRACTITIONER: – Reputation of a legal practitioner – Relevance for defamation actions – When a legal practitioner’s libel action in defence of professional reputation would be deemed an abuse of court process
ADUKE V. ABIONA  ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER: Poor guidance of client – Effect – Attitude of court thereto
AGBONMAGBE BANK LIMITED V. G. B. OLLIVANT ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Duty of counsel – Duty to file writs and pleadings which properly reflect the right parties to the suit – Effect of failure thereto
AJISEFINI V. THE QUEEN ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONERS:- Murder trials – Where accused person has multiple counsels – Duty of leading Counsel to be present
AKANNI V. THE QUEEN ETHICS – PROSECUTION/POLICE: Failure to provide relevant evidence necessary to convict for a horrible crime – Effect
AKIN ADEJUMO  V. AYANTEGBE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Appellate proceedings – Need for Counsel to argue Appeal on issues for determination and not grounds of appeal – Attitude of court to failure thereto – Effect
AKINOLA OLATUNBOSUN V. THE STATE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER- DUTY: – Duty of counsel to promptly take objection to any perceived irregularity relating at least to procedure or charge
AKINTOLA AND ANOR.  V. SOLANO ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Pleadings – Duty of counsel to draft proper pleadings – Duty of court and counsel to ask for proper reliefs based on the State of pleadings from Court – Duty of Counsel to know the State of the law with regard to any applicable set of facts and be ready to address the court on same
AKPASUBI V. UMWENI ETHICS:– Legal Practitioner – Evidence rejected/discredited by trial court and not appealed against – Questions of facts appealed against without leave of court sought and obtained – Effect on client’s brief
ALADE V. PAYNE ETHICS – JUDGE:- Trial Court – Effect of relying upon evidence from a prior judgment relating to the res which is not properly before the court – Attitude of appellate court thereto
ALADE V. ALEMULOKE AND OTHERS ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Need to help decongest Courts and not inundate the courts with appeals that should not come before it
ALAKIJA V. THE MEDICAL DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE ETHICS – MEDICAL PRACTITIONER:- Investigation of wrongdoing against member of a professional group – Constitution and sitting of investigative panels  – need to observe rules of fair hearing and natural justice
ALHAJI ABDULKADIR BALARABE MUSA V. AUTA HAMZA & ORS ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Negligence – Failure to observe rules of court – No exceptional circumstances shown for application for extension of time to file the brief – Where judgment of the Court of Appeal has not been exhibited for the application to amend and argue additional grounds of appeal – Effect
ALLINSON V. GENERAL COUNCIL OF MEDICAL EDUCATION AND REGISTRATION. ETHICS MEDICAL PRACTITIONER: Medical Practitioner – General Council of Medical Education and Registration – Removal of Name from Register – Power of Court to review Decision – “Infamous conduct in a professional respect” – Judicial Inquiry – Domestic Forum – Personal Interest of Member of Tribunal – Medical Act (21 AND amp; 22 Vict. c. 90), ss. 28, 29.
ANEKWE V. NWEKE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Obnoxious and reprehensible customary law – Propriety of learned counsel arguing for the perpetuation of same – Attitude of court thereto
ANI V. QUEEN ETHICS – PROSECUTION/JUDGE: – Admission of witness of spouse of an accused person –Whether proof of nature of marriage is a condition precedent – Attitude of appellate courts to failure thereto
ANYA V. ANYA & ORS ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Appeal – Records of lower court – Introduction and attributation of extraneous materials not in the records to lower court by counsel – Attitude of court thereto
ANYIAM  V. THE QUEEN ETHICS – CORRUPTION: A junior officer demanding a bribe on the instruction of his senior officer – Whether establishing that is enough to succeed in proving guilt of junior officer

ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER: Failure of appellate brief to distil any issue for determination – Attitude of court thereto

ETHICS – COURT: Perverse judgment – Miscarriage of justice due to abuse of discretion of court by judge – Abuse of court’s power to act suo motu –Gross disregard of the essence of collective moral subjection to constituted authority by judge – Display of contempt for judicial gravity leading to rushed judgment and crushed justice – Neglect of the dictum: “To qualify as a just trial under Section 36 of the Constitution, the hearing must be seen to be impartial, dispassionate, non-discriminatory, even-handed, reasonable and rational” – Attitude of appellate court thereto

AREHIA V. THE STATE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONERS:- Inexperienced legal practitioner/prosecutor – Handling sensitive criminal proceedings – Effect – Attitude of court thereto
AROMASHODUN V. OGUNMEKAN ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Failure to turn up for trial – Attitude of Court to award of costs arising therefrom
ARUNA & ANOR. V THE STATE ETHICS – PROSECUTION:- Duty of prosecution to ensure that complainants are neither allowed nor encouraged to use the machinery of government to settle personal scores – Attitude of court thereto
ASANYA V. STATE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Counsel’s duty of industry and diligence – Grasp of appellate brief and practice – Necessity of
ATAKE V. THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL OF THE FEDERATION AND ANOR ETHICS – JUDGE AND LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Need to uphold the honour and integrity of the court and judicial process – Duty of court not to use inherent power to punish for contempt to suppress methods of advocacy of lawyers merely because the methods appear offensive to the judge
ATTORNEY GENERAL, CROSS RIVERS STATE V. ESSIEN ETHICS – JUDGE/JUDICIAL OFFICER:- Misconduct – What constitutes – Whether proper to draw a line between the private and public lives of a judge – Whether merely reacting by writing a strongly worded letter to ward off an allegation of a scandalizing nature cannot amount to misconduct.
ATTORNEY-GENERAL OF THE GAMBIA V. PIERRE SARR N’JIE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER: Barrister – Professional misconduct – Disciplinary power of judge to strike name of legal practitioner off the Roll- Exercise by deputy – Whether a judicial power – Gambia.
AYEBAKURO V.  TARIAH & ORS ETHICS:– LEGAL PRACTITIONER: – Signing of processes – Effect of endorsing with the name of law firm instead of legal practitioner – Effect of amending process without leave of court
AYO ALABI & ANOR V.  ADEGBOYE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Negligence in distilling ground of appeal arising from judgment appealed from – Failure to distinguish between striking out of a case and its dismissal –  Effect on entire appeal

ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Need for counsel to comply with rules of court

ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Briefs of argument When Court considers same not good enough – Where Counsel argue the grounds of appeal per se rather than arguing the issues formulated by them – Where Counsel treats the issues identified in the cross‑appellant’s brief as argument which has to be met by either criticising them or proffering arguments in rebuttal coupled with citation of some decided cases – Attitude of court thereto

BABILLA V. QUEEN ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Failure of prosecutor to prove key element of offence charged – Effect
BALOGUN V. ALHAJI BUSARI AMUBIKAHUN ETHICS:- Lawyer sued for malicious prosecution through the procurement of another to level unproven allegations of theft and attempted killing of lawyer through witchcraft over land dispute – Allegation of persecution of plaintiff by lawyer – Attitude of court thereto

ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER: Solicitor acting for both parties to a mortgage transaction – Where mortgagee dies and appoints solicitor co-executor of estate – Exercise of right of lien due to unpaid fees by mortgagor – When precluded by conflict of interests

ETHICS LEGAL PRACTITIONER: Solicitor – When can claim a lien on title deeds in his custody against a person demanding their delivery – Need, at date of such demand, for possession of the deed to be referable to the relationship of solicitor and client between himself and the claimant

BATURE MANYA V. STATE ETHICS LEGAL PRACTITIONER – PROSECUTION:- As officers of the court – Impugning of court records without satisfying conditions precedent for such challenge – Attitude of court thereto
BELLO ADELEKE V. BENJAMIN ADEWUSI ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER: Introduction of evidence without connecting same to the merits of the case – Attitude of courts to practice and in the award of costs
BELO RAJI V. X (A LEGAL PRACTITIONER) ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONERS:-Supreme Court (Civil Procedure) Rules, 1945 -Order XVI, Rule 15 – Agreements fur costs-Liability of legal practitioners to clients for damage caused by crassa negligentia
BEN C. EMODI & ORS V. MRS. PATRICIA C. EMODI & ORS ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER: – Counsel – Use of words or phrases that are derogatory, insulting or embarrassing to the opposing party or Counsel
BENTLEYS, STOKES AND LOWLESS V. BEESON (INSPECTOR OF TAXES) ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Income tax filings – Deductions – Entertainment of business clients – Whether deductible – How ascertained
BOLANLE ABEKE V. THE STATE ETHICSLEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Counsel – Duty on to refrain from using intemperate language on Judges
BONIFACE ADONIKE V. THE STATE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER – PROSECUTOR:- Need to conduct prosecution with care – Effect of failure thereof – Attitude of courts thereto
BRAIDS  V. BRAIDS ETHICS:– Legal Practitioner – Erroneous inclusion in pleadings of matter not sought to be pleaded by client – Duty of counsel to set out carefully the facts relied upon in petitions in matrimonial causes – Attitude of court to failure thereto – Effect



DARE KADA V. THE STATE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Failure of counsel to diligently prosecute a case – Condemnation of.
DENTON V. ABEJE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Counsel’s duty in respect of cases re-stated
DICKSON MOSES V. THE STATE ETHICS LEGAL PRACTITIONER: – Need for counsel not to misdirect the court – Counsel carefully avoiding quoting the court records holistically so as to make the conclusion meaningful and understandable in the context in which it was reached thereby engendering confusion – Attitude of court thereto
DOHERTY V. OGBARA ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Pleadings – Drafting of claim or defence – Duty of counsel to draft pleadings reflecting the claim or defence intended at hearing of suit
EDWARD ANIEMEKE AND ANOTHER V. THE QUEEN ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER: Failure of prosecution to proper charge accused person – Propriety of lumping together separate multiple counts into one
EGHAREVBA V. THE STATE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Referring to judicial officer in the third person pronoun – Propriety thereof – Whether on no account should a judicial officer be addressed or referred to by pronouns
EKPO V. THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA ETHICS LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Negligent representation – Failure to appeal excessive sentencing of a young person or first time offender – Effect – Attitude of court thereto
EKPO V. THE STATE ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Negligent representation – Failure to appeal excessive sentencing of a young person or first time offender – Effect – Attitude of court thereto

ETHICSLEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Rule of practice that Counsel appearing in a case should not ordinarily act as counsel and witness – Need not to confuse rules of etiquette and practice at the Bar with rules of law like the legal competence of counsel at all material times to give evidence – Whether counsel can be punished for breaking rules of practice at the Bar by giving evidence but still remain competent witness for the purpose of the outcome of the case.

ETHICSLEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Material/relevant fact within the peculiar the knowledge of counsel – Where counsel elects to give evidence himself and immediately applied by motion to be dismissed as counsel in the matter – Whether perfectly legal, perfectly ethical and professionally permissible.

ETHICSLEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Withdrawal/retirement of counsel from a case to give relevant evidence – Where such withdrawal will jeopardize the interest of the client – Important qualification to the practice demanding the retirement of counsel who had appeared as witness in the case he is conducting – Effect

ELEBUTE V. ODEKILEKUN ETHICS – JUDGE:- Adoption of unprecedented and insupportable procedure
ELEPO V. OGANLA ETHICS – JUDGE:- Effect of improper use of previous records of proceedings on judgment of trial court
ELIZABETH ETIM ENEYO V. ADIM EFFIOM NSA & ANOR ETHICS – LEGAL PRACTITIONERMISTAKE OF COUNSEL:Legal brief as the work of the counsel to the litigant – Whether implies that counsel alone can be blame worthy if any error or omission arises – Whether just to penalize a litigant for any error, mistake, omission or even blunder committed by his counsel
EMMANUEL T. AYENI and ORS V. WILLIAM ABIODUN SOWEMIMO ETHICS LEGAL PRACTITIONER:- Words used by Counsel during legal proceedings – Whether to be construed in its technical sense in applicable cases – Duty of legal practitioner not to use a misapplied or misapprehended term – Effect – Duty of court thereto



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