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MUHAMMEDU GADAM V. THE QUEENHEALTHCARE AND  LAW:- Primary healthcare – Access to proper pre-natal primary healthcare for women – Implication for crime and justice administration
NABHAN V. NABHANHEALTHCARE AND LAW: – Suicidal attempt by married person – When directly linked to a course of event caused by spouse – Whether can be sufficient ground for grant of divorce on ground of cruelty
NAFIU RABIU V. KANO STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Drug poisoning and autopsy– Medical reports and justice administration – Elimination of the possibility of drug poisoning – Where not contradicted by presence of high level of alcohol in body of deceased persons – Effect on proof of murder HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Murder – Proof of – Evidence of medical experts – “Asphyxia resulting from strangulation” and “cardiac arrest” – Duty of court not to confuse different medical conditions  – Implication for justice administration
NDU V. THE STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Emergency medical services – Absence of – Public hospitals and critically ill-patients – Difficulty of obtaining access to doctors – Implication for justice administration HEALTHCARE AND LAW – INSANITY:- How proved where asserted as a defence in criminal proceedings – Relevant considerations – Evidence of a doctor who examined and watched the accused over a period of time as to his mental state – Evidence of relations who know the accused intimately relating to his behaviour and the change which had come upon him – The medical history of the family which could indicate hereditary mental affliction or abnormality – Need to consider such other facts and circumstances which will help the trial Judge come to the conclusion that the burden of proof of insanity, placed by the Criminal Code, on the defence, has been amply discharged – Implication for justice administration HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Criminal proceedings – Adjournment sought by counsel – Attitude of court to adjournment sought on non-health grounds – Implications for justice administration
NTAH V. QUEENHEALTHCARE AND LAW: Access to basic healthcare – Woman with enlarged spleen due to chronic malaria killed almost immediately due to two blows landed on stomach
NWOFIA V. THE QUEENHEALTHCARE AND LEGAL POLICY: – Access to healthcare – Neglect of leprousy victims – Lack of effective healthcare coverage – Effect on families and Justice administration
NWOSISI V. THE STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Persons living with disability – Blind and unwell persons in marriage – Right to assert paternity over child born during pendency of marriage even if the product of adultery condoned by the disabled spouse – Implications for justice administration
OBAYEMI V. OBAYEMIHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Divorce proceedings on ground of cruelty – Meaning of legal cruelty and health implications – “Legal cruelty may be defined as conduct of such a character as to have caused danger to life, limb or health (bodily or mental), or as to give rise to a reasonable apprehension of such danger.”- Legal implications
OBUMSELU V. COMMISSIONER OF POLICEHEALTHCARE AND LAW: Pregnant students – Unlawful abortion – Access to health education, primary healthcare and other support services at tertiary education centers – Implication for justice administration
OGIDI AND ORS. V. THE STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Herbalist or native doctors – Unregistered practitioners and centers – Patients at such centers – Legal designation and protection – Implications for law enforcement and justice administration
OGUNBANJO V. THE STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Soldiers and mental healthcare – Consequences for law enforcement and justice administration
OGWA NWEKE ONAH V. THE STATE    HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Access to mental healthcare – Lack of – Implication for justice administration HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Murder proceedings – Proper treatment of blood found on accused person – Need for forensic examination and blood analysis – Failure thereto – Implication for justice administration
OHAKA V. QUEENHEALTHCARE AND SOCIAL – PHARMACY – Person not registered as Pharmacist using the words “United Chemists” to describe business premises – Offence under Pharmacy Act Cap. 152, S.21(1)(b). HEALTHCARE AND SOCIAL – PHARMACY – Poisons – Possession of for illegal purpose – Purpose to be proved by the Prosecution – Whether possession by a person not a Phar­macist constitutes per se an intention to use for an unlawful purpose – Section 60 Pharmacy Act.
OHAMUO V. THE STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Persons living with mental disabilities – Access to treatment and relevant care – Effect of failure thereto – Implication for security of lives and justice administration
OJE V. THE STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Emergency services for wounded persons – Need to make it a priority consideration for citizens who witness life-threatening incidents
OJO  V. THE STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- “Partial delusion” and “black-out” – Forms of insanity – Failure of court to distinction between both – Whether fatal
OJO V. GHAROROHEALTHCARE AND LAW: Surgical operations in public health facilities – Management of a patient by medical practitioners – Safety of surgical tools and procedures – Post-surgical pains arising from gynaecological surgical operation designated as successful – Subsequent x-ray examination confirming that there was a broken needle in woman’s abdomen requiring additional operations – Action for special and general damages for negligence – Burden of proof required
OLUDOTUN OGUNBAYO V. THE STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Rape – Effect on health of young persons – Cost implications for family and public health facilities – Critical roles of medical healthcare givers in delivering care and justice to rape victims – Need for well-trained doctors
ORISAKWE V. STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Critically injured person – Absence of emergency medical services – Dependence on private but untrained initiative to evacuate wounded persons to hospitals – Implications for justice administration HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Proof of age of accused person alleged to be a minor – Registry of birth and death – Absence of name therein – whether conclusive proof – Fake birth certificate – Evidence of chronological age via physical examination by doctor – Determination of age of accused person via x-ray – Propriety thereof – How treated
OSADIAYE V. THE STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Drug abuse – use of over-the-counter-drugs and alcohols by young persons – Implications for justice administration HEALTHCARE AND LAW: Proof of murder due to respiratory depression associated with shock arising from drug ingestion – ‘Madras’ tables – Post-mortem examination which  could not identify specific drug – What prosecution must prove
OTOMEWO V. EZEKWE  HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Doctor and patient relationship– Conduct towards patient – Statement made by doctor regarding patient’s religion – Patient remaining in care of doctor after apologies – Relief available to doctor from defamation arising therefrom
OTOTE V. GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL (GMC)HEALTHCARE AND LAW – PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT:- Medical doctor and alleged inappropriate conduct towards nurses – How treated
OYEDO  V. OYEDOHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Custody of children in divorce proceedings – Condition of health of children – Medical evidence as to same – Whether relevant factors
OYINLOLA OLUFUNKE OBAYEMIHEALTHCARE AND LAW: – Divorce proceedings on ground of cruelty – Meaning of legal cruelty and health implications – “Legal cruelty may be defined as conduct of such a character as to have caused danger to life, limb or health (bodily or mental), or as to give rise to a reasonable apprehension of such danger”- Legal implications
SALAU ATANDA V. QUEENHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Murder of a person proved to be ill and unable to defend himself by cutting his throat with a knife – Relevance in discharging a plea of self-defence or provocation – Attitude of court thereto
SUNNY TONGO AND HELEN TONGO V. COMMISSIONER OF POLICEHEALTH LAW: Health of elderly persons and criminal justice system – Propriety of putting an 85 years old on trial to open his defence even though he was first arraigned when he was 62 years – Attitude of court to inherent health-risks of the venture
THE KING V. LOVEGROVEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Care of pregnant women – Abortion – Using certain instruments to procure the miscarriage of a certain woman – When constitutes an offence – Relevant considerations
THE REGISTERED TRUSTEES OF NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKERS V. MEDICAL AND HEALTH WORKERS UNION OF NIGERIA AND ORS.HEALTHCARE AND LAW:– Healthcare Professionals – Right to form and join union of their choice – Regulatory interference with same – How treated
TONY ANOZIA V. MRS PATRICIA OKWUNWA NNANI & ANORHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Paternity testing – DNA – Technology enabled testing of genetic constitution of an adult to confirm his paternity without his consent – Propriety – Attitude of court thereto
UBANI  V. THE STATE      HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Forensic Medicine in Nigeria – Medical evidence – Inability to determine sex and identity of a deceased person from specimen provided – Implication for justice administration HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Medical evidence – Whether a sine qua non to establishing cause of death
UDOFA V. THE KINGHEALTHCARE LAW:- Care of pregnant woman – procurement of abortion through abortificient concoction prepared by a herbalist – access to primary and pre-natal care – view of court thereto
UDOFIA  V. THE STATE        HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Military servicemen – Mental illness – Adequacy of treatment regime – Recourse to herbalist for treatment and cure – Re-absorption of soldiers cured by herbalists into service – Consequences HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Proof of Insanity and Delusions – Mental breakdown – Treatment and ‘cure’ of victim/active soldier by herbalist – Re-absorption of soldier into duty – Relapse leading to killing of girlfriend and assault of several others – Implication for justice administration
UDOFIA V. THE STATEHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Servicemen and access to proper mental healthcare – Soldier treated and ‘cured’ by herbalist for mental health problem – Subsequent murder of girlfriend and assault of several others due to alleged hallucinations/insane delusions – Implication for justice administration
UKADIKE V.THE STATE        HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Insanity/Mental unsoundness – Absence of emergency care for insanity sufferers  – Recourse to ‘herbalists’ – Implication for crime, family wellbeing and justice administration HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Proof of mental unsoundness/insanity – Nature of evidence required – Evidence of a person who is not a credentialed psychiatrist suffices – Evidence of doctor in other fields – How treated
UMUNNA V. QUEENHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Primary healthcare and emergency services – Practice of inviting police to critically injured persons instead of health emergency services – Effect
UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA LTD & ANR V.  MRS. NGOZI ACHORU  HEALTHCARE AND LAW – PHYSICAL DISABILITY:- Physical disability after full recovery from injury arising from negligent act of third party – Damages that can be awarded – Distinction between ‘Pain and Suffering” and “Loss of amenities of life”  How assessed – Duty of court thereto
UNITY BANK PLC V. DENCLAG LIMITED & ANORHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Contract for procurement of public healthcare facilities – Financing plan – Matters arising therefrom – How treated
UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN TEACHING HOSPITAL v MRS. THERESA AKILO      HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Professional negligence – Doctors employed in public health institution – Court with jurisdiction to hear claim – Nature of liability of doctor and employer HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Professional negligence – Doctor employed n public health institution who maintains a private clinic – Practice of referring patients in public institution to own private hospital – Alleged negligence arising therefrom – How treated
UPETIRE V. A.G. WESTERN NIGERIAHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Access to healthcare – Accused Person afflicted by Geroderm from birth – Disease shown by medical evidence to carry with it some degree of mental trouble which gets worse with age of sufferer – Whether ground for inference of insanity – Whether there is need for evidence as to the extent to which the disease had affected the appellant’s will, and his ability to control his action, at the time of the act complained of – Evidence of mental illness – Whether a surgeon specialist can give evidence as to same – Relevant considerations
UTUK V. QUEENHEALTHCARE AND LAW: – Leprosy – Cultural attitude towards lepers and lack of medical treatment/reintegration – Discriminatory treatment of lepers and justice administration
WATSON V. WATSONHEALTHCARE AND LAW: Women and reproductive medicine – Effect on children – Woman on contraceptives at time of conception – Paternity issue arising therefrom – Whether use of contraceptive displaces the presumption of paternity and legitimacy of child born during pendency of marriage –  How treated
WHITE V. EDMOND  HEALTH AND LAW:- Child bearing age – Determination of a woman’s status as one of impossibility of issue –  Whether based on chronological number of years – Relevant considerations – Implication for Law Enforcement
WILLIAM ECHEM V. THE QUEENHEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Military veterans discharged on grounds of mental unfitness likely to affect future efficiency – Where not placed on close medical supervision – Implication for justice administration and crime
WILLIE  V. THE STATE  HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Access to healthcare and health education – Alleged poisoning and stomach ache – Reliance on home ‘cure’ administered at home by non-medical professional even in the face of deteriorating condition – Mental illness – Implications for crime and justice administration
WILSON V. INYANG HEALTHCARE LAW: Medicine – Non-registered medical practitioner – Using title of “physician” in advertisement – Defendant’s genuine belief in right so to do – Question of fact for magistrate – Whether unreasonableness of belief merely evidential and not conclusive – Medical Act, 1858 (21 & 22 Vict. c. 90), s. 40.
WUSU V. WUSU        HEALTHCARE AND LAW:- Mental health treatment in Nigeria – Recourse to Native doctor when improvement is not seen – Mental health reporting and analysis practices in Nigeria – Whether suffering abortion is connected to severe break-down in mental health – Implication for justice administration HEALTHCARE AND LAW: – Mental illness – Distinction between one who is continuously insane with lucid moments and one who suffers from recurrent attacks of insanity or unsound mind – Legal effect of distinction
X  V. SECRETARY OF STATE FOR THE HOME DEPARTMENTHEALTHCARE AND LEGAL POLICY:- Expulsion or removal of person from territory on ground of mental illness – Human Rights – Whether Secretary of State entitled to remove mentally ill patient detained in hospital by using powers under Immigration Act 1971 instead of powers under Mental Health Act 1983 – Whether policy of using Immigration Act 1971 fettered Secretary of State’s discretion – Whether removal would violate Art 3 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 1950
YONGE V. TOYNBEEHEALTHCARE/MEDICINE AND LAW:- Lunacy or unsoundness of mind – Effect on existing contract of sufferer
YOUNGHUSBAND V. LUFTIGHEALTHCARE LAW:  Official designation of medical practitioner – Need to comply with the registration laws – Attitude of courts to default thereto



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