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EJEKA V. THE STATEEDUCATION AND LAW:- Boarding Schools and access to basic infrastructure – Students of Federal Government College, Owerri going to the stream to take their bath – One murdered due to altercation – Implications for Justice Administration
EZEDIUFU V. THE STATEEDUCATION AND LAW:- Criminal proceedings and requirement for compliance with Constitutional compliance as to arraignment – Evidence that accused person “went to school and read up to elementary IV” – Whether can sustain the presumption s/he understands the language of the court – How treated
EZEIGWE V. AWAWA AWUDUEDUCATION AND LAW – ILLITERACY AND JUSTICE ADMINISTRATION:- Operation of Illiterate Protection Law regime – Purpose and effect – What constitutes minimum compliance with regards to legal document purportedly executed by an illiterate person – Whether enough that an illiterate person signed or executed document before a magistrate
EZENNAH V ATTAEDUCATION AND LAW: – Breach of agreement to marry – Sponsorship of the education of a lover abroad – Whether ground for inferring agreement to marry
FALOBI V. FALOBIEDUCATION AND LAW:- Education of children of distressed marriages – Appropriate court orders for the maintenance of same
FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC BAUCHI & ANOR v. ABDULFATTAH ABOABA & ANOREDUCATION AND LAW:- Tertiary education centers established by statute – Employment of senior members of – Misuse of institutional facility – Dereliction of duties – How investigated – Termination arising therefrom – Duty to ensure fair hearing rights in administrative process pursuant thereto EDUCATION AND LAW:- Statutorily established polytechnic – Academic and non-academic staff  – Bodies established by institution – Duty to act within donated powers under the statute establishing the institution – Actions deemed ultra vires those statutes – Validity – Section 12 of the Federal Polytechnic Act – How interpreted
FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, MINNA & ORS v. DR. (MRS) ADAEZE G.N.C. OKOLIEDUCATION AND LAW:- Federal University – Proper way of bringing a suit against a federal university – Necessary parties – Nature of employment of a teaching staff of a university – Whether can be terminated by the Vice Chancellor of the University or the Registrar without recourse to the statutory body prescribed in the University Establishment Act
FOLAWIYO V FOLAWIYOEDUCATION: – Education of young children – Effect of marriage break-up and divorce – Arrangements with respect to education of children and their schooling arrangement – Responsibility of parent to educate children by paying school fees – Implication for grant of custody and maintenance order by court
FRANCIS EZEDIUFU V. THE STATEEDUCATION AND LAW:- Criminal proceedings and requirement for compliance with Constitutional compliance as to arraignment – Evidence that accused person “went to school and read up to elementary IV” – Whether can sustain the presumption s/he understands the language of the court – How treated
GEORGE V INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICEEDUCATION LAW: College principal – falsification of students’ credentials – attitude of courts thereto
HEWER V. BRYANTEDUCATION AND LAW: Custody of young people in public schools, vocation centers or boarding house – Whether still resides in their parents or temporarily in their care-givers – Relevant considerations
I G OF POLICE V GEORGEEDUCATION LAW: College Principal – Falsification of credentials of students – Relevant considerations – attitudes of courts thereto
IBOLUKWU V ONOHARIGHOEDUCATION AND LAW:- Fatal accident cases – Death of mother of school age children – Assessment of damages for wrongful death – Whether cost of education of under-age children is a relevant consideration
IKO V. STATEEDUCATION AND LAW – TRANSPORT LOGISTICS:- Transport and care of young women to places of education – Security of – Young girl raped in taxi by driver detailed to drop her off in boarding school – Rape arising therefrom – Implication for justice administration
INSPECTOR-GENERAL OF POLICE V NWACHUKWUEDUCATION AND LAW:- School Hall – Education facility – When used for public meeting – Whether  does not necessarily become a place of public resort – Need to prove that members of the public go or hold meetings there habitually for it to fall under the category
IROMACHI v. QUEENEDUCATION AND LAW:- Girl child and Murder – Women and Education – Desire of mother for her daughter conflicting with the desire of her marriage suitors – Subsequent murder of girl – Accusation that she was strangulated to death by spurned suitor – How treated
JOSHUA ALONGE V INSPECTOR-GENERAL OF POLICEEDUCATION LAW:- Access to education by women – benefits – Implications for women in business and justice administration
JOSHUA GUTING v. TUNYANG DAVWANGEDUCATION AND LAW:- Law Lecturer employed by a public university who is also enrolled as Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court – Whether precluded from practice as legal practitioner – Whether cannot sign legal processes – Whether a breach of the  Code of Conduct to sign court processes or practice as a legal practitioner
KING V BAILEYEDUCATION LAW:- Security of young persons at educational centers – Teacher as sexual abuser – Allegation of multiple gross indecent assaults on over 16 boys by principal – Ages of the sixteen boys ranged from ten to thirteen years – Level of corroboration required to sustain charge – Relevant considerations – Attitude of Court thereto
LABODE V.  ERINOLA O. LABODEEDUCATION AND LAW:- Custodial proceedings and education of children of divorced parents – consequential orders of courts thereto
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