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AJISHOMO V. OJIKUTUCOURT:-  Power to order partition of family property -When exercisable
AJOKE V. AMUSA YESUFU OBACOURT:-  Appellate Court – Power to vary Trial Court Order — Avoidance of Multiplicity of suits – Relevant considerations
AKANDE V. ADEDAMOLACOURT – source of jurisdiction to hear election petitions
AKANDE V. GEN. ELECT. CO. AND OTHERSC0URT:-  Appellate powers of the Federal Court of Appeal – Constitutional basis – Exercise of same over appeal arising from State High Court
AKANO  V. OLUKUCOURT – Duty of a Judge – need for same to properly and accurately appraise the evidence before the court. COURT – Court of Appeal – power of same to act as a court of first instance – reason thereof.
AKANWA  V. IKEDIFECOURT – Discretion of court in considering application for stay of execution -How exercised.
AKAPO V. HAKEEM-HABEEBCourts – Reliefs not sought for – Grant of – Propriety of -Primary order refused – Whether incidental or consequential; order can be granted – Nature of consequential order.
AKINBISADE  V. THE STATECourt – Appellate Court – When will interfere with the evaluation of evidence of a lower Court. Court – Supreme Court – Attitude to concurrent findings of fact.
AKINBOBOLA  V. PLISSON FISKOCOURTS – Award of costs – Discretion of court in respect thereof – How exercised. COSTS – Grant of by court – Right of a successful party thereto. COURT – Coercive powers of court – When court cannot enforce. COURT – Court making order without jurisdiction – Whether has jurisdiction to rescind the invalid order.
AKINDE  V. ADELUSOLACOURT:-  Duty not to formulate claims for parties.
AKINKUNMI  V. SADIQCOURT – Duty on court not to make ease for any of the parties.
AKINOLA  V. JAMESCOURT ‑ Interlocutory injunction ‑ Application for ‑ Duty on court in respect thereof
AKINOLA & ORS. V. OLUWO & ORS.COURT:-  Appellate Court-Findings of Trial Court – When disregarded – Findings based upon Credibility – Findings based upon evaluation of Evidence accepted by all parties-Distinguished.
AKINSANYA V. UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA LTDCOURT – Federal High Court – purpose of setting up same.
AKINTOLA AND ANOR.  V. SOLANOCOURT:-  Reference of many authorities and decided cases in a judgment – Need not to use it as an excuse to lose sight of the pleadings – Duty to consider a case only on the issues arising from those pleadings and the authorities which establish the principles of law which those issues raise and no more COURT:-  Civil proceedings – Duty of trial courts (and counsel for the Plaintiffs especially) to look critically at the pleadings and where appropriate give judgment on the pleadings if no triable issue of fact has been raised –
AKPABIO  V. THE STATECOURT – Evaluation of evidence – Duty on trial court in respect thereof.
AKPAN V.  THE STATECOURT – Adjournment – When court ought to refuse.
AKPAN  V. UDO UTINCOURT-Trial court -Evaluation of evidence-Duty of trial court in respect thereof – Failure to assess or evaluate evidence on ground that it is weak – Effect. COURT – Customary courts or tribunals – Proceedings therein – Attitude of appellate court thereto.
AKPAN V. STATECOURT -Duty on Judges or courts to do substantial justice. COURT – Mistake of parties in presenting their case – Attitude of court thereto. COURT – Need./or court not to act in vain.
AKU  V. ANEKUCOURT – High Court -Jurisdiction of to entertain Chieftaincy disputes – Whether ousted by section 11 of the Chiefs (Appointment and Deposition) Law Cap 20 Laws of Northern Nigeria -Effect of Section 236 of the 1979 Constitution.
AKULEGA V. BENUE STATE  CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSIONCOURT – Fundamental rights – duty of court to ensure that they are not whittled down except as allowed by the Constitution. COURT – Need to avoid unfair criticism of a trial court.
AKUNYILI  V. EJIDIKECOURT – Technicalities and justice – Duty on court not to allow technicality to defeat the cause of justice.
AKWA RUBBER ESTATES LIMITED V.  IJU INDUSTRIES LIMITEDCOURT – Compensation – Double compensation – Attitude of court thereto.
ALABI  V. STATECOURT:-  Identity of accused -Where case of prosecution substantially dependent on correct identification of accused – Accused alleging mistaken identity – Attitude of court thereto – Need for caution.
ALADE V. ALEMULOKE AND OTHERSCOURT:-  Jurisdiction – Types and Meaning – Customary Courts Law of Western State – Stating value of land in writ – Order 3 Rule 3(3) & Order 4 Rule 1(2a) of Customary Court Rules.
ALADEGBEMI V. FASANMADECOURT:-  Jurisdiction – Judgment/Order made without jurisdiction – Status of – Void and voidable proceedings – Effect – Decision by court that it has jurisdiction – Whether conferring jurisdiction – General validity of such decisions until set aside – True effect and scope of Macfoy’s case.
ALAHASSAN & ANOR V. MR. DARIUS DICKSON ISHAKU & ORSCOURT – DUTY OF COURT:-  Duty of Courts to treat inadmissible evidence as if it was not admitted
ALAKIJA  V. ABDULAICOURT – Findings of a court- Where not appealed against – Effect – Bindingness of.
ALAWIYE  V. OGUNSANYACOURT – Court of Appeal – when same will interfere with decision of lower court. COURT – Findings of fact by trial court – duty on appellate court not to unduly interfere with same.
ALAWODE V. SEMOHCOURT:-  Order 2, Rule 1, Supreme Court (Civil Procedure) Rules – Interpretation
ALBERT OLUWOLE OBIKOYA V. WEMA BANK LIMITEDCOURT – Interpretation of agreements – Principles guiding the court – Duty on court in respect thereof COURT – Interpretation g/ previous judgments – Principles guiding the court.
 ALESE V. SAROMICOURT – Duty of in relation to evidence on points not in issue before it.
ALFOTRIN LIMITED  V. THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL OF THE FEDERATIONCOURT -Jurisdiction -Whether an act is an “act of state” -Jurisdiction of court COURT – Whether court can make contract for parties.
ALFRED ELIJAH & ANOR V. THE STATECOURT -Jurisdiction -Whether an act is an “act of state” -Jurisdiction of court COURT – Whether court can make contract for parties.
ALFRED USIOBAIFO  V. CHRISTOPHER USIOBAIFOCOURT:-  Power of Court to grant consequential reliefs. COURT – CITING OF EXPERT OPINION:- Text book – whether a trial Judge is free to use any book cited by a party or suo motu make reference to any book which is relevant to the issue or issues before him – duty of the Judge, as the independent umpire to look at all available authorities on the issue to arrive at a just and proper decision – Whether trial Judge is confined to the pages of a book cited to him on a customary law
ALH. BADAMASI KABIR & ANOR V. ACTION CONGRESS (AC) & ORS.COURT – DUTY OF COURT:-  Duty of Courts and Tribunals to avoid blind adherence to previous statutes when considering issues for determination
ALH. MOHAMMED MOHAMMED V. MARTINS ELECTRONICS COMPANY LTDCOURT – JURISDICTION OF THE COURT OF APPEAL:-  Who is competent to invoke the jurisdiction of the court of appeal
ALH. WADA V. CHIEF ALKALICOURT:-  Immunity of Judges-N.N. Native Courts-Alkali-Acts done within jurisdiction-Acts done in excess of Jurisdiction-Good Faith-N.N. Native Court- Law, 1956, (N.N. No. 6 of 1956) section 8- Magistrates Courts Act, Cap. 122 (1943 Ed.) section 61.
ALHAJA R. O. SANNI V. ALHAJI I. S. LATEJU & ORSCOURT – JURISDICTION:-  Nature of the issue of a court’s jurisdiction; how and when it can be raised
ALHAJI  ISIYAKU YAKUBU ENTERPRISES LTD. V. OMOLABOJECourt – Power of Court to rectify slip in its judgment.
ALHAJI ABDULKADIR BALARABE MUSA V. AUTA HAMZA & ORSCOURT – SUPREME COURT – RULES:-  Application on ground of exceptional circumstances – Failure to show exceptional ground – Failure to attach Judgment of court below complained of  – Duty of court
ALHAJI ABDULKADIR DAN MAINAGGE V. ALHAJI ABDULKADIR SHAKU GWAMNACOURT – Duty on Court to give judgment to the other side where counsel for a party shows that the case of his client is very bad.
ALHAJI ABUBAKAR MOHAMMED GWARZO V. ALHAJI AMEEN SULEIMAN MOHAMMED & ANORCOURT – DUTY OF COURT:-  The Duty of Court to restrict itself to the prayers/reliefs sought by litigants
ALHAJI ADO IBRAHIM  & CO. LTD. & ANOR V. ELDESTEIN (NIG.) LIMITEDCOURT – Federal High Court – Claim relating to quarrying operations – Whether Federal High Court has jurisdiction to entertain. COURT – Jurisdiction of court – Determinant of – Where issue of jurisdiction is established on writ and statement of claim – Whether necessary to consider statement of defence.
ALHAJI AILERU JUBRIL V. ALHAJI ABDULLAHI ATANDA KOLAWOLE & ANORCOURT – JURISDICTION OF THE APPELLATE COURT:-  Jurisdiction of the appellate court, whether it can allow a fresh point to be taken before it on appeal
ALHAJI BUBA USMAN V.  MOHAMMED TAMINU GARKECOURT – Finding of fact – Exclusive duty of trial court with respect thereto – Attitude of appellate court thereto – Finding of fact not appealed against – How treated. COURT – Trial court – Duty thereon to consider case of parties before reaching its decision – Procedure to follow – Appeal Court – Whether bound to follow same procedure.
ALHAJI CHIEF PA. SULE JUBRIL & ORS V. AG OF EDO STATECOURT:-  Address of parties – Whether can call on parties to address it on issues already settled in their respective cases – Issues for determination in a case – Primary responsibility for deciding same – Court’s proper role therein
ALHAJI I.A ONIBUDO & ORS V. ALHAJI A.W AKIBU & ORSCOURT:-  Duty of court not to inquire into the case outside of court even if such case is limited to examination of documents in evidence
ALHAJI ISAH T. SOKWO V. JOSEPH DAKU KPONGBO & ORSCOURT – DUTY OF COURT:-  duty of any appellate court in appraisal of evidence
ALHAJI ISOLA ARE OGELE V. ALHAJI BANNI GAA BUDO NUHUCOURT – AREA COURT:-  Whether area Courts are creatures of statute
ALHAJI KASHIM SHETTIMA & ANOR V. ALHAJI MOHAMMED GONI & ORSCOURT – POWER OF COURT- when jurisdiction of Supreme Court under Section 22 of the Supreme Court Act arises
ALHAJI LATIFU AJUWON & ORS. V. MADAM ALIMOTU ADEOTI & ORS.COURT – SUPREME COURT RULES:-  Order8 Rule 2(5) of the Supreme Court Rules, 1985 –  Order 6 Rule 5(1) of the Supreme Court Rules, 1985 – Interpretation of – Requirement of leave of court to amend Notice of Appeal – Application to file and argue a ground of appeal not contained in the original grounds filed – Condition precedent that the points to be raised in the additional ground must have been raised in either of the courts below – Where applicant intends to raise for the first time a point or points not raised in the courts below – How properly treated
ALHAJI LAWAL DARMA V. ALHAJI MAIWADA BATAGARAWACOURT – DUTY OF JUDGE:-  Whether it is the duty of court to translate admitted document written in a language other than its official language
ALHAJI MOHAMMED MAINA WAZIRI V. IBRAHIM TAHIR GUMEL & ANORCOURT- duty to ensure a fair determination of the issues between the parties- how discretionary powers must be exercised
ALHAJI MOHAMMED MMAMMAN V. FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIACOURTS:- – Whether courts should decide academic issues – When miscarriage of justice or failure of justice is said to occur COURT:-  Concurrent finding of lower courts – Attitude of Supreme Court to invitation to interfere therewith
ALHAJI MUHAMMADU MAIGARI DINGYADI V. INDEPENDENT NATIONAL ELECTORAL COMMISSIONCOURT – duty to observe the rule of natural justice in all proceedings -whether court must determine all pending issues/matters in one way or the other before determining the appeal in its finality- purpose of rules of court- need for Court Rules to be obeyed- whether Supreme Court can re-open a case on which it has become functus- officio- duty of Supreme Court to arrest an unnecessary drift by any person pursuing a litigation before any court or courts against which a complaint has been brought to it
ALHAJI MURIANA ADESOLA KAREEMCOURT- Court of Appeal-Power of to order retrial -Where derived- Section 16 Court of Appeal Act, 1976 and Order I rule 21(1) of the Court of Appeal Rules, 1981 (as amended).
ALHAJI MUSA ALUBANKUDI V. ATTORNEY-GENERAL OF THE FEDERATION & ANORCOURT – SPECIAL TRIBUNAL:-  The status of Miscellaneous Offences Tribunal and the Special Appeals Tribunal
ALHAJI NANNER BUKA UMORU MANDARA V. THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE FEDERATIONCOURT – JURISDICTION:-  Jurisdiction of the Federal High Court to entertain civil and criminal cases
ALHAJI OSENI OLANIYAN & ORS V. CHIEF MRS. E. T. FATOKICOURT – JURISDICTION OF THE HIGH COURT:-  Section 39(1) of the Land Use Act – whether only the High Court has original jurisdiction in respect of such land registered under the Statutory Right of Occupancy – The jurisdiction of the High Court with respect to lands registered/conveyed under a Statutory Right of Occupancy/Certificate of Occupancy
ALHAJI OTARU AND SONS LIMITED V. AUDU IDRIS AND OTHERSCOURT – Case before the court – Duty on court to restrict itself thereto.
ALHAJI  T. A. OGBORIEFON V. ISMAILA O. OGBORIEFON & ANOR.COURT – JURISDICTION OF COURT:-  Whether a court can assume jurisdiction in a case where the condition precedent has not been fulfilled
ALHAJI YAKEEN OWONIKOKO & ORS V. ALHAJI ALIMI AROWOSAIYECOURT – DUTY OF TRIAL JUDGE:-  Duty of trial judge not to resolve conflicts in cases presented by parties by substituting the result of its own observation in the absence of evidence
ALHAJI YUSUF  DAN HAUSA & CO. LTD V. PANATRADE LTDCOURT – Competence of court – Non-service of notice where required – Effect on competence of court. COURT – Rules of Court – Non-compliance therewith – When it will invalidate action
ALIBE  V. YAROCOURT -Trial court – Evaluation of evidence – Duty of trial court in respect thereof.
ALIDU ADAH  V. NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CORPSCOURT – Court of Appeal – Duty to decide the merit of a case upon issues canvassed before it.
ALLI V. ELEPOCOURT:-  High Court-Jurisdiction—Original — Family Status-Whether High Court has original jurisdiction in matters of status where there is competent authority to entertain such matters-High Court Law (W.N.) S.8
ALLI V. OKULAJACOURT:-  High Court—Jurisdiction-Whether Court has power in civil proceedings to order medical examination on Plaintiff at the instance of Defendant. COURT:-  High Court-Whether High Court in Nigeria could be bound by decision of Court of Appeal in England.
ALLIED BANK OF (NIG) LTD V. AKUBUEZE (CA)COURT – Issues raised by parties – Need for court to limit itself and its judgment thereto.
ALLOYSIUS AKPAJI V. FRANCIS UDEMBACOURT – FILING FEE:-  Default in filing fee – When considered the Registrar’s inadvertence, error or failure and not the plaintiff’s or his/her lawyer
ALLOYSIUS EGEMOLE V. OSITA OGUEKWE & ORS.COURT – APPEAL – LEAVE OF COURT:-  Whether it is necessary to obtain leave of the High Court or the Court of Appeal before a consent judgment can be appealed against
AMAKO V. STATECOURT:- – Duty on courts to decide cases on the merits rather than on technicalities – Rationale therefor.
AMANAMBU V. ULASICOURT:-  – Courts of Co-ordinate Jurisdiction – Whether can review decision of another – Proper treatment
AMES ELECTRICAL CO. LTD V. FEDERAL AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF NIGERIACOURT – Court lacking jurisdiction – proper order for the court to make.
AMOO V. ALABICOURT – Court of Appeal – Exclusive jurisdiction of Court of Appeal to deal with an appeal- when existing. COURT – Jurisdiction of Court – Where issue of Jurisdiction of Court is raised – Duty on Court to first decide the issue.
AMOS BUDE V. THE STATECOURT:-  Effect of a court ‘s decision that is regarded as a null judgement COURT – JUDGMENT:-  Appropriate order to be made when a trial is held to be a nullity
AMOS O. ARO V. SALAMI FABOLUDECOURT – ABUSE OF COURT PROCESS:-  Whether the use of a civil action to initiate an attack on a criminal court decision, amounts to abuse of court process
AMOS ORIJA & ORS. V. THE CHAIRMAN NATIONAL POPULATION COMMISSION & ORSCOURT – JURISDICTION:-  Whether failure to comply with a condition precedent to the exercise of a court’s jurisdiction is fatal
AMUSA V. THE STATE – SCCOURT:-  Judicial notice – Subsidiary legislation – Designation of road as a ‘Federal High Way’ – Whether can be done via judicial notice of subsidiary legislation  – Federal Highways (Declaration) (No. 3) Order, 1982 made pursuant to section 24 of the Federal Highways Act, 1991 – Section 74 of the Evidence Act, Cap. 112 Laws of the Federation 1990
AMUSAN V. BENTWORTH FINANCE (NIG.) LTDCOURT:-  Appeals to Supreme Court – Case in which non-suit was ordered – How treated
ANAEKWE V.  COPCOURT – Inherent jurisdiction of court – Where derived – Scope of – Whether exercisable where court lacks jurisdiction. COURT – Jurisdiction of court – Appellate jurisdiction – Where derived. COURT- Right of unrestrained access to court – Section 6(6)(b) 1979 Constitution – Extent of – Power of court thereunder. COURT – Rules of court – Need for compliance therewith.
ANAGBADO V. ANAGBADOCOURT:-  Duty of a court not to allow itself, through adherence to technicalities, to be used for perpetuating injustice – When the blue pencil rule can be used by court to incur an otherwise incurable pleading – Duty of a court not to punish a party for the inelegant drafting or framing of his petition by the counsel COURT:- – Effect of technicalities on cases – Whether affects court’s decision
ANAKWENZE V. ANEKECOURT:-  Court of Appeal – Inherent Power and sanction of – Power to enforce its own orders and judgments – Power to commit for contempt of – Constitutional law – Enforcement of judgment.
ANATOGU AND OTHERS  V. A-G., EAST-CENTRAL STATE AND OTHERSCOURT:-  Court of Appeal holding that State High Court and not Federal High Court has jurisdiction over a matter – Proper order for appellate court to make pursuant to section 16 of the Court of Appeal Act 1976 and section 22 of the Federal High Court Act.
ANATOGU V. IWEKA IICOURT:-  Power of court to set aside, vary or review own judgment – When exercisable – When not exercisable – Relevant guiding principles. COURT – Review of judgment – Power of trial court to review its own judgment – Whether extant.
ANIMASHAUN V. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE HOSPITALCOURT:-  Speculation – Need for court to avoid.
ANOWO V. ANOWOCOURT:-  Administration of estate – Appointment of a receiver under Order 30 Rule 2, High Court Rules of Anambra State 1988 -Principles guiding the court.
ANTHONY OKOBI V. THE STATECOURT – POWER OF COURT:-  Ways of enabling the court to utilise its powers under the Criminal Procedure Law COURT – JURISDICTION OF COURT:-  Whether a court can convict a person of an offence under a law different from that under which he was tried for the sole purpose of securing his conviction?
ANUNOBI V. OBIWELOZOCOURT:-  High Court of a State – Number constituting same – Demarcation of into judicial divisions – Rationale for
ANWOYI V. SHODEKECOURT:-  Supreme Court – Attitude to concurrent findings of fact by the trial Court and Court of Appeal.
ANYADUBA V. NIGERIAN RENOWNED TRADING CO. LTDCOURT – SUPREME COURT – INTERPRETATION OF RULES OF COURT:-  Order 8 must – Whether must be interpreted as a whole – Justification
ANYADUBA V. NIGERIAN RENOWNED TRADING CO. LTDCOURT – Appellate court – Duty on to consider all issues submitted to it – When it need not do so. COURT – Court making out a case for a party – Propriety of.
ANYAH V. AFRICAN NEWSPAPERS OF NIGERIA LTD.COURT- Exercise of discretion by trial court -Attitude of appellate court thereto -When it may interfere -When it will not.
ANYANWU V. THE STATECOURT:-  Trial Court – Finding of facts – Duty of the trial court who had the advantage of seeing and hearing the witnesses, to evaluate and ascribe probative value to the evidence adduced at the trial –Reluctance of appellate court to interfere with the findings of fact made by the trial court, especially where such findings touch on the credibility of witnesses – Justification – Duty of appellate courts to interfere, only where the trial court failed in his primary duty to properly evaluate and ascribe probative value to the evidence led at the trial – Need to show there are special circumstances to warrant or justify the interference – Relevant considerations
ANYIM MBA V. AGBAFO AGUCOURT:- – Native/customary courts – whether bound by the technical rules of procedure Estoppel per rem judica-tam – court called upon to determine the effect of –
APOSTLE PETER EKWEOZOR & ORS V. THE REGISTERED TRUSTEES OF SAVIOURS APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF NIGERIACOURT:-  Reliance on wrong or repealed law to come to a conclusion – Where there is an existing law under which the same conclusion would have been reached – Whether the error is deemed not to have occasioned a miscarriage of justice – Whether it is not every error or slip in a judgment that must result in reversal of a judgment by an appellate court
ARABE V. ASANLUCOURT:-  Judgment of court after visit to locus in quo in land matters – Boundaries imprecisely defined in area court’s judgment and in sketch plan made by it at locus – Effect on judgment
ARASE V. ARASECOURT:-  Supreme Court – Powers – When it can sit as a trial court
ARC. AUSTIN ASEMA ACHADO & ANOR V. CHRISTIANA ALAAGA & ORSJUDGMENT AND COURT – STARE DECISIS:-  Binding effect of Supreme Court decisions on all subordinate jurisdictions of the courts – Duty of court to obey and enforce Supreme Court decision – Sections 287(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 and 59 of the Evidence Act, 2011 (as amended)
ARCHBISHOP OLUBUNMI OKOGIE & ORS. V. MRS MARGARET EPOYUNCOURT – DUTY OF COURT:-  Agreements or Contracts entered into by parties based upon what they intend should govern their transactions – Need for a Judge to focus on the duty of interpreting the intentions of the parties as embodied in the document that they intend should govern them With respect to that transaction
AREHIA V. THE STATECOURT:-  Trial court – Consideration of moral issues in the determination of an action based on contract and negligence – Propriety of – Duty of appellate court thereto
AREMO II V. ADEKANYE AND ORS. – SCCOURT:-  Jurisdiction of court – Fundamental nature of – Where court lacks jurisdiction to entertain matter – Effect – Where challenged – Duty on court. COURT:-  Jurisdiction of court – What determines. COURT:-  Jurisdiction of court – Whether court has jurisdiction –
AREWA PAPER CONVERTERS LTD V. N.D.I.C. (NIG. UNIVERSAL BANK LTD.)COURT – Competence of court – Ingredients of – Defect in competence – Effect on proceedings of court. COURT- Court of Appeal – Whether can hear appeal from decisions of the Failed Banks Tribunal or the Special Appeal Tribunal. COURT – Federal High Court – Jurisdiction of under the Failed Banks Decree – Extent and scope of- Whether can set aside judgment already delivered by Failed Banks Tribunal. COURT – Federal High Court – State High Court – Jurisdiction of to hear matters previously pending before the Failed Banks Tribunal – Source and scope of.
ARIBISALA V. OGUNYEMICOURT:- Jurisdiction of court – Fundamental nature of – Absence of – Effect.
ARIZE V. NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATIONCOURT – PRESUMPTIONS:-  Duty of court where there are more than one valid assumption that could be inferred from act of a party each of which affect his legal rights – Whether an affidavit evidence by the party asserting one of the two resolves the matter
AROMOLARAN V. OLADELE(CA1)COURT:-  Discretion of court – Need to be exercised judicially and judi­ciously.
AROMOLARAN V. OLADELECOURT:-  Evaluation of evidence – Duty on trial court.
AROWOLO V. ADIMULACOURT:-  Resort to English Rules.‑ Suing or defending a suit in a representative capacity ‑ Whether the High Court Civil Procedure Rules of Kwara state creates a lacuna with regard to bringing actions in a representation capacity.
ARTRA INDUSTRIES NIGERIA LIMITED V. THE NIGERIAN BANK FOR COMMERCE AND INDUSTRYCOURT:-  Court of Appeal – Power thereof to give an c judgment or order with respect to appeal before it- Where derived – Order 3 rule 23 Court of Appeal Rules.
ARUBO V. AIYELERUCOURT:-  Abuse of process – What amounts to – Whether an irregularity. COURT:- – Inherent jurisdiction of court – Extent of use of. COURT:-  Judge – Proper role of in Nigeria’s adversarial legal system.
ASAKITIKPI V. STATECOURT – Failure of trial court to note presence of accused in court in the records –Whether vitiates whole proceedings-Section 210 Criminal Procedure Law of Bendel State and section 26(1) Supreme Court Act, 1960.
ASANYA V. STATECOURT – JUDGMENT AND ORDER:-  Presumption that the decision of the Court of trial on the facts is correct – Justification – Where the decision of the trial judge is based on the credibility of the witness – Attitude of appellate to invitation to interfere – COURT – EVIDENCE:-  Duty of a trial Judge in accepting or rejecting the evidence of a witness – Suborned or procured witness – Whether court rejection of the evidence of a suborned witness is not perverse
ASERE V. ASERECOURT – Interlocutory applications – Determination of fundamental issues at interlocutory stage – Propriety.
ASORE  V. LEMOMUCOURT – Irregularity in proceedings – Simple irregularity and fatal irregularity – Distinction between. COURT-Rules of court-Need for compliance therewith –Effect of non-compliance.
ASSOCIATED DISCOUNT HOUSE  LTD. V. AMALGAMATED TRUSTEES LTDCOURT – State High Court – Power to transfer a case to the Federal High Court.
ATAKE  V. NELSON ASIGBORO AFEJUKUCOURT – Amicus Curiae – Power of Court to invite – Extent of. COURT – Citing of legal authorities in court – Right thereof – Whether- exclusive to legal practitioners only.
ATAKE V. THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL OF THE FEDERATION AND ANORCOURT:-  Jurisdiction of the court in regard to contempt procedure – Protection of the court and not the personal aggrandisement of the judge – Need for judge to eschew any type of temperamental outburst as would let him lose his own control of the situation and his own appreciation of the correct method of procedure – Need for Judge to remember that in proceedings instanter or trial brevi manu, the Judge before whom is the contemnor, is the prosecutor, witness and judge
ATANSUYI V. GBADAMOSICOURT:-  Customary Court – Action – Claim not read out to Defendant-Plea not taken — Failure to comply with Order 9 Rule 1 (1) of the Customary Courts Rules-Effect.
ATAT OF MANGOR V. REGINACOURT – LEAVE OF COURT:-  Leave of court to appeal against conviction for murder – whether can be refused
ATIKU ABUBAKAR V. THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL OF THE FEDERATIONCOURT:-  Jurisdiction of court – Office of President and Vice President of Federal Republic of Nigeria – Question relating to term of or vacancy therein – Which court has original jurisdiction with respect thereto.
ATLAS (NIGERIA) LTD. V. STEVE RHODESCOURT:-  Court Registrar – Acceptance of deposit for the preparation of copies of proceedings after time provided for same under the rules of court  had elapsed – Conclusiveness of Entry in Record of Proceeding by Registrar as evidence of time of such entry- Appeal from Magistrate’s Court—High Court of Lagos (Appeals) Rules, O. III, r. 8
ATOBAJAIYE  V. ADEOYECOURT:- – Appellate court – Findings of fact of lower court – When appellate court would interfere therewith COURT – COURT OF APPEAL:-  Order 6 rule 9(5) of the Court of Appeal Rules 2002 – Where a party is not represented by Counsel before Court of Appeal to argue his brief – Power of Court to treat the appeal as having been duly argued by party
ATOYEBI  V. THE GOVERNOR OF OYO STATECOURT:-  Summary of evidence and evaluation of evidence by court – Distinction between and duty of court therein.
ATTORNEY GENERAL OF EKITI STATE V.  DARAMOLACOURT – CONTEMPT -Whether a party who is not served with an order of Court can be liable for contempt.
ATTORNEY GENERAL OF LAGOS STATE  V. EKO HOTELS LIMITEDCourt – Findings of Court – Whether a finding by the two lower Courts as to the quasi-judicial nature of the functions of a Tribunal of inquiry is a finding of fact or law and whether it is proper for the Supreme Court to reverse it.
ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE FEDERATION V.  ALL NIGERIAN PEOPLES PARTY AND ORS.COURT – Trial Judge – whether can deliver judgment written and signed by another Judge
ATTORNEY GENERAL V. BIRMINGHAM POST AND MAIL  LTDContempt of court – Publications concerning legal proceedings – Substantial risk of prejudice to fair trial – Criminal trial in progress – Newspaper article published about offences in question – Criminal proceedings subsequently stayed – Whether fact of stay meaning publication creating substantial risk of serious prejudice to trial – Contempt of Court Act 1981, ss 1, 2.
ATTORNEY-GENERAL OF ABIA STATE AND 35 ORS V. ATTORNEY-GENERAL OF THE FEDERATIONCOURT:-  Interpretation of provisions of a statute – duty of court thereto
ATTORNEY-GENERAL OF CROSS RIVER STATE  V. ESINCOURT -Judicial officers – Conduct of – Standard expected thereof.
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