Can we trust the ‘new’ prophecies of 2018? Yes, if those of 2017 show integrity and reliability. Here is a performance check of some of the ‘leading’ prophets of 2017.


  Prophecy Score
1. I see terrorism on the increase Not Rateable:- [Nothing prophetic about it. Absolutely no specificity that can lend itself to verifiability. Terror always increases in a fallen earth right from Cain and Abel.]
2. Federal Government of Nigeria should not relax yet on Book Haram. It’s a deception. Not Rateable. [Merely an advice. Boko Haram has never deceived any one about their murderous intent. Every chance they get they have used it to kill civilians and security personnel alike]
3. Buhari to face impeachment threats False. [Buhari’s only threat in 2017 was sickness, recession, PDP, self-inflicted backlash from nepotistic deployments and failure to meet campaign expectations.]
4. America and China to have major face-off Not Rateable. [America and China always have face-off. 2017 had nothing major. North-Korea stole the thunder off every other nation in America-other nation face-offs ]
5. Crude Oil to flow in Northern Nigeria False. [After $3bn, NNPC in the latter part of 2017 rerouted its prospecting activities to Nasarawa State. Except you count groundnut, sorghum, other crude vegetable oil, crude petroleum isn’t flowing – yet]
6. Abuja to experience major Fire explosion Not Rateable. [Abuja is a big city. Big cities have fires – including small and big ones. That is why they have Fire service and Fire Insurance. In 2017, House on the Rock Church building, Bwari Market, Abuja Art and Craft village felt the wrath of fire. Which of those qualifies as the “major fire explosion” is hard to tell simply because the assertion lacks enough specificity to help – which is what a prophecy as distinct from a parable is supposed to do. Saying heavy rain would fall or hot sunshine would occur is not prophecy]
7. Donald Trump to face impeachment attempt as members of Congress will be divided on his style of leadership Not Rateable. [Copyright infringement alert! Professor Allan Lichtman it was who not only predicted accurately that Trump would be POTUS No. 45 but also added the addendum that the Donald would also be impeached. He did all without roping God into it: merely used a ‘formula’ based on popularity of party enjoying incumbency. With Trump’s inauguration, “impeach, impeach, resist, resist, Russia, Russia” was already the declared mission of the losing democratic party. So, it is problematic to call a repeat broadcast a prophecy.]
8. I see an airplane that has Nigeria’s logo (National Carrier) False. [Patently so. Didn’t materialize]
9. Things will pick up a bit in Nigeria but hunger will persist Not Rateable. [Hunger will always persist even in Aso Rock. Hunger is what starts happening a few minutes after eating.]
10. I saw people crying over Bamanga Tukur False. [Bamanga is alive and – well, kicking, physically. Just ask Google. ]
11. Buhari will be bereaved in 2017 False. [That’s except you count all the Nigerians who died on President Buhari watch – killed because of Boko Haram, Cattle Rearers, IPOB/Kanu and hollowed out medical healthcare delivery system. Or may be, if we count the loss by the APC Chief, Bola Tinubu of his son? Or may be the fact that Buhari’s son was involved in an accident but then he is still alive? To be bereaved still has a meaning though: death. God, at least, being the All-Knowing knows that.]   
12. Ecobank, Diamond, Fidelity, GTB to retrench staff Not Rateable. [Every bank retrenches staff every single year. Even if it is just one person. Just ask their human resources department. So except where greater specificity is involved as to named people or branches, it cannot be prophecy – just cold reading.] 
13. President Buhari’s health needs attention Not Rateable. [Everyone’s health – including Suleman’s – needs attention. The patent lack of specificity removes it totally from the lane of the prophetic-wanna-be]
14. 2017 budget will have crises True [Even if a case can be made as to it not being rateable as every budget process in every country goes through crisis – aka, scrutiny. Nonetheless, 2017 budget experienced a series of issues as to qualify as ‘crises’ including its very late passage]
15. More judges to be humiliated Not Rateable. [2016 saw DSS arrest judges. Their investigation/prosecution was sure to follow. NJC was also under pressure to deal with pending petitions against some judges and 2017 only saw a few of those with petitions against them retired while others reprimanded or slated for investigation. That hardly counts as more being humiliated]
16. MMM to dupe more Nigerians and I see court cases Not Rateable. [The Mavros planet has its adherents ready to engage with its peculiar form of ‘help’ and endless sifting of the goalpost. . Even if somehow that could be admitted as ‘duping’ still, there were tellingly no reported court cases in 2017 against MMM since it is not a juristic person in Nigeria that could be easily sued. Ask Google.]
17. Dollar to exchange for N615 False. [Very false.]
18. Recession in Nigeria to become depression in 2017 False. [Enough to retire as a ‘prophet’]
19. MTN and GLO to face hardship False* [Every business faces hardship. MTN claimed it posted a loss in 2016 for the fine of $1.7bn imposed upon it by the Nigerian government for operational infractions. Even though announced in March of 2017, it was a 2016 ‘hardship’. Glo is currently trying to buy 9Mobile (formerly Etisalat). So, they are doing just fine aside from the general hardship of operating in Nigeria]
20. A former First Lady of Nigeria needs prayers over her health False. [Unctuous solicitation for prayer clients. Everyone needs prayers for their health: both the healthy and sick.]
21. Forces in Aso Rock planning to poison current First Lady (Aisha Buhari) Not Rateable. [Conspiracy theory. Everyone plans. Good or evil. It is only attempt to implement that is problematic. Prophecies are not for monitoring thoughts in people.]
22. I saw huge number of Chibok girls released; some of them with kids True. [82Chibok girls were confirmed released. Let’s not be too finicky and say only ONE -not some – came back as a mother.  However the Bring Back Our Girls, BBOG group should take the plaudits for ‘seeing’ their release from Day One, demanding its speedy actualisation, and ‘seeing’ to the pressure that led down to their release – not to mention their endles vigils and praying across several cities. ]
23. Nnamdi Kanu’s detention to cause international crises. God is angry with Buhari for the continued detention False: (US, France & Britain did have a spat with Nigeria over it (including US failure to designate the group as a terrorists organisation) – but not anything approximating even remotely to a ‘crisis’]
24. Donald Trump to favour Israel. American Embassy in Israel to be moved to Jerusalem Not Rateable. [The Donald has always ‘favoured’ Israel right from his campaign days. So, he wasn’t starting it in 2017. He did not move Israel’s capital to Jerusalem: he directed compliance with an existing US law recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital with plans (which may take up to 10 years) to move US embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv where it currently is.]
25. Liberian election: CONTINUITY False [Except opposition party candidate allegedly supported by immediate past President qualifies as continuity. It doesn’t.]
26 Ghana’s new president to send many to jail Not Rateable. [Ghana runs a democracy – with a judiciary which duty is to seal anyone for jai. The President through the Ministry of Justice is expected to prosecute crimes some of which forms the basis for sending people to jail. So, no prophecy can apply to that. God is too sophisticated and wise not to know that]
27. Buhari and Senate to have crucial disagreement Not Rateable. [A President and Legislature not having disagreement is unfathomable. Every such disagreement is always crucial depending on who is talking]
28 Nigeria’s Budget will be delayed True: [2017 Budget was first presented to the Legislature in December 2016 and  signed into law in June, 2017. 2016 was passed 26 March. 2015 was passed April 26.]
29. I see killings in Ekiti Not Rateable. [There is killing in every state. Of animals and humans. Both extra-legal and judicial (ordered by Court). So claim is too bereft of specificity to be a prophecy.]
30. EFCC to come after National Assembly members in Nigeria in a politically motivated arrests because of their refusal to confirm Magu Not Rateable. [There was no EFCC clampdown of the Legislature of note in 2017. Even if EFCC did, the prophecy lacks enough indication to be able to separate political motivations from just performance of EFCC’s statutory functions.]
31. I see kidnappers entering schools Not Rateable. [Kidnappers entering schools is not novel. Chibok Girls abduction (2014) weren’t the first set of school children wickedly kidnapped inside school compounds in Nigeria or other places. Kidnapping of school children is ancient – and evil. But a seeming prophetic statement that offers no specificity as to help law enforcement prepare is no better]
32. Nigeria will lose a great man of God and the New Year is when the Nigerian government will fight the Church like never before Not Rateable. [Christian Pastors/Priests die every year and they are all great in the eyes of those they served faithfully. So, it is impossible for ‘Nigeria’ to lose a ‘great man’ of God. RCCG lost an Assistant General Overseer and it is difficult to assert if that satisfies this claim. Secondly, Church was never fought like never by ‘Government’ made up of the executive, judiciary and legislature in 37 federating units. Government isn’t Fulani rearers or Boko Haram.]
33. Some terrorists will be arrested in Lagos Not Rateable. [Persons alleged to be Boko Haram terrorists were arrested in Lagos. They were not carrying out terrorists action when arrested though. Just ongoing security-agencies and Hausa/Fulani community collaborative effort that has been on since 2014 to apprehend those who flee the North-East and use Lagos as their transit or escape camp.]
34. Traditional Rulers indicted and arrested for corruption Not Rateable – [Fraud among ‘traditonal rulers’ is an annual past-time. It would have been more prophetic to say no traditional ruler would be arrested in 2017. Empty. Says nothing – spiritually and physically.]
35. Lufthansa, Dana air, Ghana Air, Aero Contractors; I see staff protests Not Rateable – [With such a long list, ‘protest’ needs no protestations to arise.]
36. America to have financial crises False – [America had a super year financially]
37. A serving Cabinet Minister in Nigeria will die False – [They are all alive and smiling.]
38. Nigeria to secure foreign funds Not Rateable – [Nigeria always secures foreign funding every year. The only question is what form: loans, direct investments, or trade. Too opportunistic to be a prophecy]
39. Doctors will embark on strike in Nigeria Not Rateable – [Nigerian doctors striking in a year is like saying mosquitoes will bite people in that year]
40. A new Mega party in Nigeria will swallow up APC False – [Even former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s proposed coalition is still some ways from reality in 2018!]
41. I see a new leadership for the APC in Nigeria False – [John Odigie Oyegun is still APC Chairman. Bola Tinubu is still its ‘National Leader’. Muhammadu Buhari is still president. Besides, which one is it really? How can “Megal party will swallow up APC” be followed by APC to have a new leadership? False!`]
42. I see the DSS being taken to court Not Rateable – [DSS has too many cases in court, new and old. Will always have]
43. France, Spain, Russia to pray against train going off the rail Not Rateable – [Is the prophecy saying that the three nations will start praying against rail accident? Or that there would be rail accident if they do not pray? Too ambiguous or solicitous of prayer consultancy to rate]  
44. I saw a huge school building collapse Not Rateable – [Boko Haram has been destroying/collapsing schools. In Iraq, Syria and other war zones, it is possible for even stray bomb to hit a school building. Very few schools have building as huge as the US World Trade Center and so the degree of ‘huge’ this claim requires to be satisfied is problematic. Too vague to rate]
45. Nollywood to pray. They will get help but will lose two major people. The Yoruba movie industry too but prayer can avert it Not Rateable – [When hasn’t Nollywood been praying – real and dramatised? MMM gave too many ‘help’ or Mavros not to have sent some of it to Nollywood. So do the moguls at Idumota, Onitsha and other places. So, what kind of help? Federal government largesse or technical support from big studious abroad? Prayer briefs solicitation again]
46. Fulani herdsmen again! Taraba, Benue, IMO and Jigawa state True – [2017 was the terrible year for herdsmen connected violence. All preventable. All over-flow of existing triggers not effectively addressed by federal, state, community and religious leaders. ]  
47. Kogi state to organize state prayers to avoid major deaths and natural disasters Not Rateable – [Prayer brief solicitation again! There are enough churches in Kogi State for there not be ‘prayers’ – heavy dose of it going everyday].
48. Edo state; major celebration but pray against road crashes Not Rateable – [There are many ‘major’ celebrations in Edo every year from traditional, Muslim to Christian ones. Road crashes on the Benin road is notorious. Sober drivers, better maintenance of roads and of course prayers always help]
49. I see presidents being removed in Africa, I see presidents being installed Not Rateable – [Africa is a continent with about 55 countries (recognised by UN and AU). So, in any given year, chances always are that there would be elections, impeachments, resignations, coups, death-forced replacements, etc. With no specificity as to country(ies), this cannot be a prophecy]
50. Two times, Nigeria’s vice president, Yemi Osinbajo, will face removal from office. They will alienate him and they will make attempts to remove him. But God will humble Buhari in 2017 False – [There was no impeachment proceedings from the Legislature or demand to resign from the President, or a degree of sickness exposing obasanjo to removal proceedings from the Cabinet. To the contrary, it was the year in which the nation felt his direct engagement of active presidential powers regardless of reported efforts by the ‘cabal’ to undermine (but not remove) him.]  
PERFORMANCE 22.2% of Verifiable claims (4/18)

8% of all ‘Prophetic’ Claims (4/50)



, Test conducted by Sam Eleanya, a Christian, Father, Publisher, Author, Justice Sector professional and Ethics Adviser.

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