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NWIGBOKE V. THE QUEENCONSTITUIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS:- Right to Life, Fair hearing and Protection under the Law – Notorious Cult group activities – Odozi-Obodo Society menace – Killing of deceased person accused of sleeping of wife of Cult Chief – Death sentence and execution of same by cult members – How treated by court
OBAJI V. THE QUEENCONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS:- Right to Life, fair hearing and protection under the law – Husband killed by Cult Group so as to appropriate wife for a member of the cult – Attitude of court thereto
OBODO V. THE QUEENCONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS:- Right to life, fair hearing and protection of the law – Lynching of Wife of Cult Chief by husband – Deceased accused of poisoning as her step-child – Attitude of court thereto
ODUOLA AND OTHERS. V. NABHAN AND OTHERS.CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND CIVIL RIGHTS:- Right of an aggrieved party to appeal as of right against final decisions in any civil proceedings before the High Court sitting at first instance on grounds of fact or law – Sections 220(1)(a) and 213(3) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1979 – Whether can be limited by failure of party to give any evidence of fact during the proceedings complained of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND CIVIL RIGHTS:- Rule of natural justice that a person is entitled to be heard before a decision is made affecting his rights – Constitutional embodiment – Section 33 of the 1979 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – Whether any rule of practice or of common law which is inconsistent with that rule of natural justice becomes void and unenforceable
OFIM V. THE QUEENCONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS: – Extra-judicial lynching – Cult group dedicated to lynching of thieves without lawful trial by a court of law – Attitude of courts thereto
OGHARU V. THE QUEENCONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS: – Right to Life and Fair hearing – Extra-judicial lynching of a person accused of kidnapping and trafficking in child – Prosecution of killers – Attitude of Court thereto
OGIDI AND ORS. V. THE STATECONSTITUTIONAL AND HUMAN RIGHTS LAW:- Fundamental rights – Right of accused to judgment of court – Section 36 (7), 1999 Constitution – How construed – Effect of failure to comply therewith CONSTITUTIONAL AND HUMAN RIGHTS LAW:- Fundamental rights – Section 36(6) (a) and (e), 1999 Constitution – Right to fair hearing – Right of accused person to be informed promptly in language he understands of nature of offence – Right to  interpreter where accused cannot understand language used at trial
THE REG. TRUST. OF NACHPON & ORS. V. MEDICAL & HEALTH WORKERS UNION OF NIGERIA & ORSHUMAN RIGHTS:- Right to freely associate – Labour rights – How treated
TONY ANOZIA V. MRS PATRICIA OKWUNWA NNANI & ANORCONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS – RIGHT TO PRIVACY – COURT ORDERED PATERNITY TEST: Whether an adult can be compelled through the order of a Court to undergo a DNA test to prove his paternity – Conditions under which a child may be subjected to a paternity or DNA test
UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA LTD & ANR V.  MRS. NGOZI ACHORUHUMAN RIGHTS – PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED PERSON:- Handicap arising from negligence of/injury caused by third party – Nature and headings of damages that can be awarded – How assessed –  Whether the length of the period of life during which the deprivations will continue will be a relevant factor in the determination of the damages to be awarded – Right to Dignity and qualitative of life – Whether enjoyment of leisure/sports/dance is a recognised legal asset for which damages may be claimed if interfered with wrongly
UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN V. RASHEEDAT ADESINACONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS:- Right of access to court – A student’s invocation of same to press home deemed rights believed to be under assault by personnel in charge of the student’s school – Subsequent treatment by university against student indicative of victimisation or retaliation – Attitude of court thereto CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS:- Education of young persons – Student – Whether has a right to be given the result of every examination undertaken in a school and on time – Distinction between release of results and award of degrees – Where institution fails to notify student of alleged failure in a compulsory course – Effect – Whether ground for  court to assume jurisdiction so as to inquire into non-award of degree to student
UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN V.  OYALANAFAIR HEARING – “Fair hearing” as used in section 36 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – meaning of.
UWELE  V. THE QUEENCONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS: Right to life and non-discrimination based on circumstances of birth – Customary abhorrence to birth of twins – Attitude of court thereto
X  v SECRETARY OF STATE FOR THE HOME DEPARTMENTHUMAN RIGHTS – ASYLUM:- Removal of a an asylum-seeker from territory – Where seeker suffers from known mental condition – When removal from a territory may be a violation of his rights
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